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1in4 app is an infertility, surrogacy, adoption, foster parent and miscarriage support mobile application.

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We have over 100 articles written to help our users navigate through their individual journeys, and find information about each topic.

Community stories

This feature is for our users to have a platform to tell their own stories, which they can do publicly or anonymusly.

Discover Photo Journeys

Discover Journeys

This is a swiping feature that allows users to discover and connect to one other. If a user is swiping and wants to see more from a fellow user, they can swipe up to connect instantly to that user's My Photo Journey page.

Discussion Boards

Users can discuss questions they have, give recommendations, or give support to other users. Our discussion boards will be heavily monitored by and admin panel. Our team will ensure the safety and positive support of our users.


This will be an optional feature. We are conscious of the fact that not all users will use these tools or want to be reminded of these features, so we will have a prompt in the beginning to ask if you want pregnancy features/calculators on your apps.

Influencer Blogs

Testimonies of influencers who have experienced similar hardships, and are brave enough to share their stories.


The messages feature is an important tool that will allow our members to connect privately. We want our users who seek to connect privately or ask a private question the opportunity to do so.

My Journal

A place where our users can journal their private thoughts and feelings during their journeys and after. There will be a place for written thoughts as well as a place to attach private pictures to these moments as well (journals will be kept private to each individual user).

Reminders Calendar

This calendar sets reminders for important dates, appointments, medication reminders, paperwork reminders, home visits etc. This tool is to help you keep organized and stay on top of anything you might want to keep in mind for your journey.

My Photo Journey

Our users will be able to tell their stories not only words, but also through pictures. The way this is designed, an app user can follow other users to stay updated on each other's individual journeys.

Why 1in4?

Our name is 1in4 because 1 in 4 people experience something that will bring them to this platform whether is a miscarriage, infertility, surrogacy, needing an egg donor/sperm donor, adopting, fostering, or wanting to prolong their fertility with an egg retrieval.

We all make families differently,
but our common goal remains the same:
to become parents.

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